Linda L. Layne

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Linda L. Layne is an American cultural anthropologist who recently retired, having

completed her career at University of Cambridge, and returned to sunny, southern

California where she was born and raised.

Her research has spanned three broad areas.

Tribal and national identities in Jordan with a focus on their dynamic use of space in

co-creating homes and homeland.

Understanding pregnancy loss in the United States in the context of the women’s health

movement, abortion politics, and the myth of meritocracy;

A long-term ethnographic case study of one American single mother by choice placing this

new family form in the historical context neoliberalism.

middle east (jordan/algeria)

Pregnancy Loss

Single Mothers By Choice

Single Mothers By Choice




“This is a fascinating and timely collection that throws a much-needed light on the idea and practice of selfishness and selflessness. In so doing, it follows the moral turn in the humanities and the social sciences to its logical conclusion: the writing of a social history and an ethnography of moralities.”

• Mark Roodhouse, University of York

Other (Awards & ​HONORS)

Other (Awards & HONORS)